I awoke feeling lighter than air. A new year, a new me. Well that’s what I said last year too and that never happened. But this felt different. And I was about to find out exactly why. I got up, stretched, and made for the bathroom. My floor was not cold this morning, for once, in fact it almost felt like it was not there at all. I stopped short and my breath caught in my throat. Very, very slowly I looked down at my hardwood floor and my toes. They were not touching the floor. My feet were nonchalantly floating about 2 inches off thr ground.

I screamed and fell to the floor. Turns out it was cold, as usual, and hard. Moaning and groaning I scrapped myself off the floor, feet now firmly planted on the ground. What just happened?

“Keep it down jerk!” accompanied by thudding on the ceiling comes up from my downstairs neighbor. For all he knows I just fell and broke all the bones in my body, but he couldn’t care less, no one interrupts his morning and gets away with it.

“Oh, go move out already,” I mutter under my breath. A thought occurs to me, maybe if I get back into bed I can float again. Oh no! What if I’m dead? No. If I was dead falling to the floor probably would not have hurt. I jump back onto my bed and get up again. Nothing. Maybe I need to be relaxed, like when I woke up. I lie back down and close my eyes, breathing deeply through my nose. I must have fallen asleep again because I woke up 30 minutes later, dazed and confused. Or had I been awake at all? I dismissed the thought immediately. First of all I was sore from falling on the floor and second this was not the time to panic. I calmly let my breath out of my lungs, swung my feet off the bed and stood up. Very slowly, breathing deliberately calm, I looked down. My feet were floating about two inches. My breath skipped and I faltered in the air, but I caught myself. I breathed in and out slowly, willing my body to slowly decend to the floor. 10 secons passed and I felt hardwood under my feet. This was going to be a very interesting new year, new me.