I left my favorite yellow raincoat on the side of the road, hanging over a wooden guardrail. It just wasn’t my day.
When I left my house I saw the impending storm rolling in, but I didn’t care. I needed to walk in something other than my office’s stale air. It was nothing in particular, just one of those weeks.
I set out and the cool wind was instantly calming. My favorite yellow raincoat, which I had just bought, struck a fantastic contrast to the dark weather and the concrete beneath my feet. Ironic, considering I was not at all a ray of sunshine. The thought made me giggle out loud.
As I laughed it began to rain, I suddenly felt so elated and happy, I couldn’t stop. I took off my raincoat and danced in circles, spinning it above my head, laughing like a lunatic on the side of a road next to a golf course. I guess no one saw me because no asylum workers showed up to collect me.
I lost my grip on my coat on a particularly uncontrolled spin. It very neatly hung itself over the guardrail as if by design. My laughing came to a slow halt as I stared at my coat, quietly standing in the soaking rain. Maybe there was something symbolic about it, maybe it was uniquely picturesque, maybe I was just insane, but I walked away and left it there. I felt that cleansed by my rain adventure.