NaPoWriMo Day 2


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Orion’s Belt, Orion’s Belt,
           Zeigt der Himmel –         zeig der Welt!
Für mich ein Stern der Lebenszeit,
Wo hin ich geh, er ist nicht weit,
Auch wenn zu hause fern erscheint
Ist er stehts mein Sonnenschein,
Immer da und ich da heim,
Egal wo auf dem Erdelein.


Better Late Than Never NaPoWriMo Day 1


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It is not at fault here, the color red,
It is not soft or self aware,
Has no history of agression from its family share,
It is not mean or cruel, the color red,
It has no brain, it has no head,
It cannot be stopped, so people have said.
It does not love, the color red,
It does not caress, it does not burn,
For your touch it does not yearn.
It can be said, the color red,
Has, into a trap, been lead.

How to be

The stars don’t need the moon to shine,
They do it on their own just fine.
They spark and glow in own mystique;
They are not meager, worn or meek.
They know their place with confidence,
With self assurance, common sense.
They need not you nor I or anyone,
To show them how to be a sun.

Have to Go (Day Five)


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via Travel by Edna St. Vincent Millay


Don’t go away,

a voice was speaking,

it is too late in the day,

but the voice in her head kept shrieking.


Your life will pass you by,

how do you expect to achieve what you are dreaming,

if there is a limit to the sky,

but you can already hear the train steaming.


You have a plan to make,

leaving all to not knowing,

what it will take,

or where you are going.

Math Tests Are Stupid, And Covered With Cheese


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Once upon a time I hated math,

So much in fact that I wrote a poem in wrath

About how I would dunk my test in a cheese bath

Rather than actually do the math.


Needless to say I did no such thing,

And as my dreams took wing

I had to deal with the nasty sting

That struggling with a subject in school can bring.


Was this problem ever resolved you ask?

Why don’t you ask my final cheese covered college math task?